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What is Infinity Display?

Infinity Display

We all know that the Samsung S8 and S8 Plus has Infinity large Display. Infinity Display is a bezel less dual edge screen covering more than 80 percent of the Smartphone’s front area. The iPhone 8, 8 Plus and iPhone X features Infinity Display. It does indicate that Infinity Display is going to be the next ruler in screens for at least for a while. In this article I’m gonna reveal the uniqueness in Infinity Display.
s8 Infinity Display
Infinity Display in Samsung S8
Infinity means unlimited. Infinity Display is a marketing term used by companies to describe the Super AMOLED displays used in their devices. As per news, Apple uses diamond PenTile matrix layout with its iPhone X. Selectoday

pentile rgbg technology

Infinity Display Pentile LayoutIt is also known as Super Retina Display. PenTile is a trademark of Samsung that patented subpixel matrix schemes used in electronic displays.

PenTile uses PenTile RGBG and RGBW technology with AMOLED displays. Most Smartphones uses PenTile RGBG layout.

How RGBG PenTile Layout for the Infinity Display Works?

RGBG layout in AMOLED uses green pixels interleaved with alternative red and blue pixels. The human eyes are most sensitive to green, especially for high resolution luminance information. There fore the green subpixels are mapped to input pixels on a 1 to 1 basis. The red and blue subpixels are subsampled and reconstructing the chroma signal at a lower resolution. The luminance signal is processed using adaptive subpixel rendering filters to optimize reconstruction of high spatial frequencies from the input image, wherein the green subpixels provide the majority of the reconstruction.
Pentile RGBG TechnologyThe red and blue subpixels are capable of reconstructing the horizontal and vertical spatial frequencies, but not the highest of the diagonal. Diagonal high spatial frequency information in the red and blue channels of the input image are transferred to the green subpixels for image reconstruction. Thus the RG-BG scheme creates a color display with one third fewer subpixels than a traditional RGB-RGB scheme but with the same measured luminance display resolution. Lot of high end Smartphones are using the PenTile RGBG layout. Listing here a few like Samsung, Nexus, OnePlus 3, HTC Vive, Nokia Lumia 1020 etc. Selectoday

Advantages of Infinity Display

  1. Less Power Consumption gives more battery backup.
  2. Thickness of the display is very thin and as small as 1 mm.
  3. It is plastic and easy to implement along with the touch screen.
  4. Infinity Display can provide high brightness and true black color.

Disadvantages of Infinity Display

  1. It is costlier compared to other available displays at the moment.
  2. The life of the blue LED is lesser compared to Red and Green which result earlier failure.
  3. Screen burn issues.

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