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Samsung S7 deals

Samsung S7 Deals

Samsung’s Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge have been extremely popular since being announced, and Samsung has been marketing them with a big push. From offering freebies with the handset to carriers discounting it, there are a ton of different deals available out there. From buy one get one to free micro-SD cards and more.
It’s popular because Samsung did just about everything right with this smartphone. Got rid of the camera hump by making the device thicker and adding in a larger battery. They also brought back the micro SD card slot, so that users are able to expand the storage in their device. The Galaxy S7 also comes with perhaps the best camera on any mobile device. Making it a great camera to take with you and leave your point-and-shoot behind.


Below are the key S7 deals, where our highlights are O2 for it’s low TCO, and Vodafone for its big data. Samsung S7 32GB free SIM.

Best Samsung Galaxy S7 deals on EE

Samsung S7 Deals
  • £20 cashback

  • Free BT Sport for three months

  • Free Apple Music for six months

  • Samsung Galaxy S7 32GB

  • 5GB of 4G UK data (double speed)

  • Unlimited minutes

  • Unlimited texts

Best Samsung Galaxy S7 deals on Vodafone

    • Galaxy S7 32GB

    • 24GB of 4G UK data (two months unlimited)

    • Unlimited minutes

    • Unlimited texts

Best Samsung Galaxy S7 deals on O2

O2’s star 32GB Galaxy S7 deal gives you a decent amount data (3GB), for £28.50 a month, with a £25.00 upfront fee. Get the Galaxy S7 (32GB) on O2 for £28.50 a month, and an upfront cost of £25.00 in Black | Silver | White | Gold | Pink Gold.

Samsung Galaxy S7 deals At a glance

  • Impressive camera, faster and better than the Galaxy S6

  • Long battery life and fast charge mode

  • Water-resistant and well constructed, more durable than previous Galaxy phones

Aside from the screen difference, the only other big difference you will find here between the two models is the battery capacity. The Galaxy S7 edge features a 3600mAh non-removable battery while the Galaxy S7 a 3000mAh battery inside. Besides this, the camera, processor, storage and everything else is the same between both models.

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