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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Review

Quick Review of Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Samsung came with its latest Note and it is Note 8. As far as concerned with the Note lovers, there are several features added compared to the older versions. This article listing few facts about the Note 8 from the user experiences.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Review,

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Pros

Infinity Display:

Galaxy Note 8 has the gorgeous screen with 18.5:9. The full-frontal glass with edge to edge screen makes it so attractive and unique. Even though the new Aspect Ratio gives a taller look for the new Note 8, handling become easy with the less width. The screen also smoothen the viewing experience of the user. The 6.3 inch display has an amazing video viewing capability with its Super AMOLED (2960 x 1440) resolution. All user review go positive for the screen. Note 8 provides the maximum brightness. Therefore the viewing experience in sunlight and other brightest occasions become superb. Auto brightness calibration of the Note 8 is done in very good manner.

Build Quality:

The Galaxy Note 8 build quality is premium and heavy.

S Pen:

The pressure level of the S Pen in Note 8 is 4096. As a result you can feel the smoothness in using the pen. More over the live messages with animation effects perfectly provide an opportunity to send custom messages. 

Dual Camera in Note 8:

Undoubtedly Note 8 has one of the best Camera available in the Market. The rear dual camera features Dual OIS (Optical Image Stabilization). Since the Smartphone is enables in OIS, the live focus makes the images clear and sharp. The video camera features 4k recording with 30fps. Slow Motion video support, Hyperlapse video with stabilization and continuous auto focus are some of the important features of the Camera.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Cons

Low Battery Capacity:

The Note 8 Smartphone comes with 3300 mAh battery. The battery is not sufficient to handle 6.3 inch for more than one day for a typical user. At times you may have to charge in the middle of the day after a little heavy usage.


As I mentioned the build quality is fine. However, most users feel the phone is a little heavy may be due to the build quality.

Poor Audio:

Note 8 has only a monochrome speaker on the bottom which is not good enough to provide sound. As you know, the high end phone users expect a little more.

Fast Charging isn’t that fast:

Unlike other Samsung phones, the Note 8 does come with fast charging feature. However, the fast charging consume more time than their competitor phones like OnePlus5,

This Galaxy Note 8 review is based on several user experience. As you know the phone also has several other features that follow from the old versions as well. Apart from the few cons mentioned the phone is still a hot pick for high end users. 


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