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iPhone X added features

iPhone X Added Features

Dream comes true for the iPhone lovers when Apple released iPhone X. iPhone lovers are truly disappointed when Apple announced iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus as the next generation of iPhone 7 which doesn’t have much difference from its predecessor. iPhone X added features such as Face ID and Animoji for the first time.

iPhone X features added

Top features of iPhone X

Moreover the hype generated for the next release made more expectation. Scenario changed when it comes for iPhone X. The iPhone X energize with a lot of additional features beyond the expectations. The iPhone X should be called as iPhone 10. Here I’m listing a few important iPhone X added features.

iPhone X added features

Full Screen Display

The iPhone X full screen display measures 5.8 inch diagonally and gives 2 Million Mega Pixel viewing experience. We all know that with such a resolution the display can provide better clarity text, images and video playback than ever before. The contrast ratio of the iPhone X is 1,000,000 : 1. The color experience like true black color, high brightness and accurate stunning colors are amazing in this new iPhone X screen. iPhone X Design and Display in detail.

Face ID

Undoubtedly Face ID is the most important feature added to the iPhone X. Face ID makes your face as password and that secure your phone. You can use the Face ID to Unlock your phone, Authenticate and even for Payment. The TrueDepth Camera that project and analyzes more than 30,000 invisible dots to create a precise map of your face.

Moreover it is easy to set it up. The A11 Bionic chip recognizes the changes in your face like a grown beard, wearing a hat or glass etc and match with your mapped face. Face ID only works with your real face and not with your photo or mask. Your eyes should be open to get the Face ID work. This removes the chance of misusing your phone when you are on sleep. Face ID in  detail.

Neural Engine

Finally a Smartphone introduces the most intelligent chip ever made. The A11 Bionic with neural Engine can process up to 600 Billion actions per second.


Animoji helps to sent customized expressions. The TrueDepth Camera analyzes 50 muscles on your face and mirror your expressions on 12 Animoji. Apart from that you can add sound with your emotions in this feature.

Dual 12MP Cameras

Optical stabilized two rear Cameras with A11 Bionic Chip helps you to capture crystal clear images even in low light.  The Wide Angle Camera with f/1.8 six element lens and the Telephoto Camera with powerful f/2.4 aperture gives perfect images in all conditions. Moreover the camera records 4K videos with 60 frame per second and a slow motion recording with 240 frames per second in 1080p resolution. Selectoday

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