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Developing Your Potential

Developing Your Potential To Achieve Success

You need to determine where you stand, the position you are at this minutes in terms of the success you want to achieve in life and you should ask yourself if you are interested or committed to achieve the success you want.
Developing your potential
When you are COMMITTED to an outcome, there are no excuses, there are no stories, there are no reasons not to achieve it, you will do whatever it takes legitimately to achieve the result you want.
But if you are interested in an outcome you will do what is convenient, that is operate from your comfort zone and you will come up with excuses, stories, reasons to support your convenient desires.

Evaluating Your Key Attributes

  1. Ambition – Have you written down high and stretching targets and planned how you are going to achieve them.
  2. Vision – Have you formed a clear idea with almost every details of where you want to be and what you want to be doing in five years’ time.
  3. Confidence – Do you feel able to do anything that is needed now, do it well, and master new abilities and tasks as required.
  4. Ability To Take Risks – Do you believe in your own ability to judge a risk as worth taking and to take your chances effectively.
  5. Drive And Energy – Can you bring full mental powers to bear on an issue, to decide on the right action, and see it through.
  6. Competitive Spirit – Are you never satisfied until you have clearly won all the prizes against the best competition around.
  7. Self-Criticism – Are you a relentless perfectionist who constantly seeks to improve and to get others to do the same.
  8. Leadership – Can you mobilize others to achieve group ambitions, as well as develop other leaders and bring them forward.

Personal Development

Personal development is a lifelong process. It’s a way for people to assess their skills and qualities, consider their aims in life and set goals in order to realise and maximise their potential.
This page helps you to identify the skills you need to set life goals which can enhance your employ ability prospects, raise your confidence and lead to a more fulfilling, higher quality life. Plan to make relevant, positive and effective life choices and decisions for your future to enable personal empowerment.

Practical Steps to Personal Development

Practical steps can be taken to enhance personal development, including:
  • Overcoming barriers to learning a new skill.
  • Looking at your transferable skills.
  • Undertaking a skills appraisal.
  • Producing a personal CV or resume.
  • Organizing your time.

Developing Your Potential- Organizing Your Time

If you are considering making changes in your life, finding additional time often poses a problem. It could be that the changes you are thinking of making are to ensure you have extra time to:
  • Spend with your family.
  • Spend on things you enjoy doing.
  • Devote to your work.
  • Devote to your education.

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