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Check how much Intelligent you are

Check your Intelligence

We can’t take a direct measure to check our intelligence. Here I’m gonna list few habits of intelligent people that I got through my reading experience and my personal research. Count the number of habits belongs to you out of the total to find your number on intelligence. i.e, how intelligent you are.

check your intelligence

Habits of intelligent people

1. Observation and connection

Intelligent people always observe people and things. They always connect and relate things and people with their known ones. 

2. Weird Hobbies

Hobbies like coin collection, stamp collection and cards collections are quite common. Intelligent people try to collect uncommon things which others can’t imagine about. Using the same nib for several refills, keeping the bills etc are a few.

3. Adaptability to new places

The ability to adapt to a new place is easy for intelligent person. The don’t complain for each and every thing in the new places. They like to accept the new place as it is. The same is applicable for new jobs as well. 

4. Staying Late in the night

This is one of the common thing I have noticed in Intelligent people. Intelligent people like to stay late night. 

They believe that their most creations happen at this time. They also lazy to wake up in the morning. 

5. Messy

They don’t prefer to keep everything on the right place. Intelligent people don’t spend time and effort to keep their room or office space clean. They consider that as a waste of time. 

6. Curiosity

Intelligent people curious about everything. They like to know the facts behind almost everything. Lots of questions arise in their mind when they see a new thing in front of them. 

7. Silent or Low Voice

They like to stay calm most of the time. Moreover, intelligent people like to express their opinions in small sound. 

8. Give importance to time

Even when they waste time by watching TV or browsing net, their inner voice always count about the value time. They know the importance of time. 

9. Never praise themselves

A person with great intelligence never try to boast about their achievements. They like to get addressed by others with their perfection in work. 

10. Open Minded

They like to express their feeling. They used to view the points of other people by thinking from their side. That gives them opportunity to understand and learn new ideas. 

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