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iPhone X added features

iPhone X features added

iPhone X Added Features Dream comes true for the iPhone lovers when Apple released iPhone X. iPhone lovers are truly disappointed when Apple announced iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus as the next generation of iPhone 7 which doesn’t have much difference from its predecessor. iPhone X added features such as

Google integrating Duo video calling in Android

Google integrating Duo video calling in Android

Google video calling App Allo In 2016 Google launched video calling app, now google planning to integrate video calling directly into Android.That’s the company’s person-to-person mobile video calling solution, announced alongside Allo back at Google I/O 2016.  Its mentioned in googles blog post, that the company wants to roll out video calling to Android

Features Of Google Allo

Allo logo from Goole

Google Allo Google Allo is latest chat app for Android and iPhone . When Allo was announced at Google’s 1/0 conference earlier this year, the messaging app was presented as a step forward for privacy. What is Google Allo Google Allo is a messaging app which will compete with the likes of Facebook

Samsung Note 9 fingerprint sensor predicted

Samsung Note 9 Fingerprint Sensor Predicted The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is out, and reviewers have already posted their thoughts on the flagship device.There are several rumours going on for Samsung’s next model Note 9. Its expecting to launch on March 2018. The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 was rumoured to feature the technology, while

What is Infinity Display?

s8 Infinity Display

Infinity Display We all know that the Samsung S8 and S8 Plus has Infinity large Display. Infinity Display is a bezel less dual edge screen covering more than 80 percent of the Smartphone’s front area. The iPhone 8, 8 Plus and iPhone X features Infinity Display. It does indicate that Infinity