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Benefits of prayer in personal development

How creative prayer benefit to maintain a positive attitude

It is normal that every person pray to god when there is a problem arises in his life. It can be either official or family life.

Top Benefit of Prayer

Studies show that, prayer helps to solve the problem easily by developing the following questions.
“What will I do about this, Lord?” “Give me a fresh insight on this, Lord.”
These questions influences our subconscious mind and derive a new solution which can solve the problem. Faith in god gives a positive energy to generate action based on the the derived solution.
“Faith moves mountains, but you have to keep pushing while you are praying.” – Henry David Thoreau.

14 Benefits of prayer

We talk about saving time as if we can pack it into a box for a rainy day. But no matter what we do, the minutes and hours tick by, unaltered by our efforts to change their pace. So, instead, we try to change ourselves. Although we can’t truly save time, we can stop wasting it on unnecessary activities, concerns, and mistakes. In this sense, we can rescue the time allotted to us from destructive habits and spiritual ignorance.. In his message, “Prayer: Our Time-Saver,” Dr. Stanley gives 14 benefits to talking with God. He says prayer helps us be wise stewards of time because it:
  • Provides timely direction.
  • Prevents wrong decisions.
  • Eliminates worry and anxiety.
  • Produces peacefulness.
  • Invites God into our activity.
  • Produces confidence.
  • Eliminates fretting.
  • Sharpens discernment.
  • Gives us energy.
  • Prevents distractions.
  • Reminds us to act now.
  • Protects us from discouragement.
  • Opens doors of opportunity.
  • Helps us discern between busyness and fruitfulness.

Science Studies Prayer and Human Health

Scientists belive that the most accurate studies of prayer focus on intercessory prayer that is, prayer offered by one person for the well being of aonthor person. No one argues the power of the mind. It can certainly trigger physical events. But when it comes to intercessory prayer we can’t point to the individual’s mind over body mechanism.
“Prayer is not an old woman’s idle amusement. Properly understood and applied, it is the most potent instrument of action”.  

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