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Apple Watch Series 3 – Setting up and Design

You all are very familiar with Apple Watch, and now Apple come with its latest updated version Apple Watch 3 to market. Apple watch is very smart and can connect to the internet and mobile networks on its own. After the success of its first two generations of Apple Watches, the third generation was launched last year with a new LTE version too. The LTE version, because of the network and service provider integration required, has taken some time coming to India. But as of this week, the LTE version of Apple Watch 3 is available in India for subscribers of Reliance Jio and Airtel.

apple watch 3

Apple Watch 3 Setup:

The watch set-up is easy and very similar to that of the regular watch. But there is one demanded step we need to cover is the mobile data related configuration. Once its completed the watch app takes you to your service provider’s log in to link to your account. After wards the watch syncs like it does in the normal version and e-SIM will be linked to your number. And you can mirror your phone in the watch.

apple watch 3

Apple Watch Series 3 Design:

The Apple Watch 3 LTE version has the exact same design as the regular Apple Watch 3, except for a red dot on the crown. The other changes are on the software side. The quick settings tray now has buttons for network and Wi-Fi. There is a new watch face too with a tap to call option. If the watch is running on data, then you see four dots in the middle, like you have the tower icon on the phone to show signal strength.


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