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Apple iOS 11.4 features

Apple released their new iOS 11.3 for devices on March 29 and it delivers a short list of changes including ARKit 1.5, Battery Health, New Animojis and a little bug fixes.You can check out 11.3 features from below.

Apple Released New iOS 11.3 update

Apple iOS 11.4 Features

Now, iOS 11.4 giving you the features Apple spoke about at WWDC last year, just a week before this year’s WWDC. The big-ticket items are Messages in iCloud, AirPlay 2, and stereo pairing for HomePod.

11.4 settings

AirPlay 2 & HomePod stereo

With Apple iOS 11.4 AirPlay 2 is the first major update to Apple’s wireless audio streaming protocol in years. AirPlay 2 makes it possible for users to control compatible speakers in the Home app. You can adjust the audio levels on a room-by-room basis, or even play different music in different rooms. The HomePod and Apple TV will be AirPlay 2 compatible with the 11.4 update, but some other AirPlay compatible speakers will also be updated to support the new protocol.

Messages in iCloud

The Messages in iCloud feature syncs text message actions between your Apple devices. You should be prompted to enable it when you first launch Messages. Or you can go to Settings, your Apple ID, iCloud, and toggle the feature in the list of Apps using iCloud.

ClassKit Support

Apple also added support for the ClassKit framework. This enables developers to deliver their educational apps function with the Apple’s Schoolwork app.

You will get a notification on your iPhone or iPad when the new version of iOS is ready. For the update go to Settings > General > Software Update.



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