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Android 9 Pie – New Features

Google had recently released the final version of its Android software, the Android Pie. Its commonly mentioned as Android 9.0 in mobile platforms.Google announced the Android 9.0 update on August 6, 2018, and started rolling it out to Pixel phones on same day. As like previous versions Google taken the dessert-themed naming convention for this mobile OS too, the new software is simply named Pie.

Here are the best top features of Android Pie.

Gesture Navigation

In Android Pie, the familiar lineup of three navigation icons at the bottom of the phone has been replaced by a single pill-shaped icon in the bottom center of the screen clearly. Long-press this digital button and Google Assistant pops up. Even the old gesture buttons can be enabled by following this menu, Settings > System > Gestures > Swipe up on Home button. Your navigation bar will change to the old scheme right away.


Adaptive Battery and Brightness

The new Adaptive Battery feature is an expansion of the Doze feature introduced in Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Doze put apps that you were not using into a “deep sleep” to prevent them from wasting battery. Now, Adaptive Battery goes further by learning about the apps and services you use most often, then adjusting what you don’t use as much to use less battery.

The familiar Google Android’s automatic brightness feature also gets an upgrade in Android Pie. Now with Pie, your phone will learn the brightness level you prefer in certain apps and environments and adjust it automatically. You can help train it by opening the Quick Settings panel (pull down on the notification bar twice) and adjusting the brightness as needed.

Security Features improved

Security level upgrades are seems to be the important feature as part of Android Pie. One among them is that Android “restricts access to mic, camera, and all SensorManager sensors from apps that are idle” according to Google. This means that even if you’ve granted permission for an app to access your microphone, it can’t do so unless you’re actively using it.

And a new lockdown mode is very useful for your phone in emergency situations. After enabling this at Settings > Security & location > Lock screen preferences > Show lockdown option, you can tap Lockdown on the Power menu. This instantly locks your phone, disables fingerprint unlocking and Smart Lock, and hides notifications on your lock screen. You’ll have to use your PIN, password, or pattern to unlock it.

New Accessibility Menu

With the new accessibiity menu in Android Pie makes it simple to access common functions for users who need assistance. Thats made the process simple for aceessing the features in simple way for android users.


Screen Rotation

In the new Android Pie, related to the Auto-Rotate if it is turned off, you will see a new icon on the right side of the navigation bar when you rotate your device to landscape. Tap it to lock in landscape orientation, and it will stay even if you turn back to portrait. Just tap the icon again to rotate back to portrait.

Notification Information

With the notifications you receive daily on your phone. With that if you feel like an mobile app is sending you notifications that are mostly promotional, go within the app settings to see if there is a way to turn promo notifications off in the new Android Pie release.


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