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6 People Arrested for cheating

Cyberabad Police arrested 6 people for cheating Amazon

Cyberabad Police arrested 6 people on Friday for cheating Amazon eCommerce company.  The accused allegedly used the loophole in Amazon online orders. These people ordered items from Amazon and claimed a duplicate item again for non-delivery of the product. 

6 People Arrested For Cheating Amazon.In
Cyberabad Police with the items collected from the accused.

Fraud against E commerce Company

Accused created around 800 Amazon Fake account for the process of placing this fraud orders. Police found more than Rs 10 lakh in cash, 556 SIM Cards, 42 Cell phones and 2 laptops from the accused.
Konduri Dinesh Kumar, Pradeep Reddy, Praveen Reddy, Bhanu Ramesh, Lova Krishna and Bipin are the culprits in this Fraud case.

Konduri Dinesh Kumar, Pradeep Reddy and Praveen Reddy are B Tech holders. 

Amazon Cheating Fraud activity Execution Plan

They started this cheating process from February 2017. They ordered a shoe from amazon and later claimed that they didn’t receive the order. Amazon has delivered another product for the same order. The process they adopted for ordering mobile phones as well.
They collected pre-activated SIM and started ordering from different account and delivery to different places. They used fake names, email IDs and phone numbers for the same.
Police received a complaint from Amazon representative on March 22 by stating that Company found around 300 products worth Rs 15,90,566 were delivered to customers who indulged in systematic fraud.


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